foto: engine JAWA 250cc offset 8 mm
foto: engine JAWA 250cc offset 8 mm
The air-cooled single-cylinder, four valve OHC,
stroke volume 249 ccm, the bore 77.00mm
and stroke 53.60 mm. The crankcase, cylinder
head and cylinder are made of Aluminium
alloy. Cylinder has nicasil only. We not supply
the overbore cylinders.
The crankshaft and connecting rod big-end
have cage-type needle bearings. The chain
driven camshaft is supported in the cylinder
head on needle bearings. The valves operated
by rocker arm are at an angle 35°. The valve
seats are hot-pressed into the cylinder head.
The pistons is a light alloy forging and carries
two piston rings, first 1mm compression
ring and seconnd 2 mm oil control ring.
Thecirculation-system of lubrication is used.
The oil tank is situated in the space between
the valve gear cover and R.H. ofthe crankase,
the iol filing is 0.85 l for new engine and
0.75 l is refill between heats. The level can
be checked by the oil level indicator.
The engine is intended for the carburettor
of diameter 34 mm and provided
with electronic ignition.

engine JAWA 250cc offset 8 mm

engine 250cc offset 8 mm 250-10-010

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